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Burned out on trying to be your own CFO?

Are you trying to scale your company without a background in accounting and finance and feel like you’re drowning in cash flow and investment concerns? 

Brady CFO helps values-driven business owners in America’s backbone industries with $1M-$30M in annual revenues solve their cash flow and financial performance frustrations with strategic financial planning and leadershiptaking the CFO hat off your head for good. 

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Why Brady CFO?





Initial Risk-Free Financial Clarity Assessment with Every New Client

You know there are gaps in your business finances, and something needs to change to ensure a fruitful future, but you’re not sure where to begin. At Brady CFO, we start every partnership with a risk-free Financial Clarity Assessment.

We assess past financial performance and identify areas of opportunity and risk. We also benchmark your company against industry peers and develop a KPI scorecard to use going forward. Finally, we develop a preliminary scenario forecast for your business to evaluate various net income, EBITDA, and cash flow scenarios. 

Our unique Financial Clarity Assessment comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you don’t like our deliverable, you get your money back. It’s a perfect way to decide if you want to work together with zero risk.


Fixed Monthly Packages for a Fraction of the Cost of a Full-Time CFO

You’re tired of wearing the CFO hat, but you’re facing obstacles and uncertainty around your company’s finances. You don’t want to hire a full-time CFO for budgetary concerns and need strategic financial leadership that doesn’t break the bank. At Brady CFO, our fractional CFO services put your company’s finances first with a cost-effective solution that’s up to 10x less expensive than hiring a full-time CFO. 

Our fractional CFO services take financial planning off your to-do list for good so that you can focus your time and capacity on your strengths. We offer fixed pricing packages, so you know exactly what to expect and can budget and forecast accordingly.

Full Refund Guarantee on All Fractional CFO Monthly Packages

You don’t need a number cruncher to tell you how the business did last month. You want a finance expert with a global perspective of business to help you plan where the business is going. At Brady CFO, we make it easy to engage with our fractional CFO services, offering a full refund guarantee every month.

We aim to provide real value, actionable insights, and helpful financial leadership and advice. If that’s not what you get, you get your money back. We’re here to serve you. You’ve got nothing to lose.

YOU want to achieve your personal financial vision but aren’t sure…

  • How to improve your margins
  • If you have enough cash or what to do with excess cash
  • How to make your business more valuable to maximize its sale price
  • How to get better banking terms with banks that want to do business with you

At Brady CFO, we understand what it's like to be in the trenches of starting and growing a business in the backbone industries and segments of America. You need strategic financial advice but don’t have the budget to bring a full-time CFO on board—and that’s where we can assist. 

With a Fractional CFO, you can leave the stress of managing your finances behind and get back to operating within your strengths, focusing on what matters most to allow your business to thrive.

Tired of worrying about covering payroll, whether you can pay your debt, or if you can pay yourself a distribution?

Learn how to take control of your company’s cash flow in this FREE training, where you’ll learn proven strategies to avoid cash flow concerns and conquer your cash flow for good. 

Hiring Brady CFO can allow you to put your energy towards running your small or medium-sized business while we redesign and rebuild your accounting team in a way that leaves you smooth sailing. 

“There are two ingredients that are absolutely key as you are looking at a fractional CFO service. Those two are integrity and the ability to work with a diverse group of people or with individuals. I highly recommend Mason Brady, who has an extensive education in finance and accounting, experience in financial and strategic modeling, is full of integrity, and has successfully led as the number one strategic thinker for an international organic fruit marketing company.”

- Dave Stuck, Board Director, Agrivision

“We used fractional CFOs in the past and never had luck or found the insight we needed. I was on the fence about jumping in and using another Fractional CFO. I am so glad we did! Working with Mason gave us so much insight into where our company is and where it needs to be. This has been so insightful for us to have a direction and given us clear targets to hit and strive for. Highly recommend!”

- Miguel Reyes, CEO/Founder, Quesadilla Gorilla

Get a Financial Clarity Assessment

Not Your Typical Private Wall Street Equity Guy


I'm Mason Brady

The experienced financial professional who gets you–the people-first business owner, working to do some good. I offer part-time CFO services to America’s backbone businesses in the food, agriculture, manufacturing, warehousing/distribution, logistics, service providers (including professional services), and construction industries.

I grew up completely immersed in the agricultural and food industry–my family is full of farmers and has always been entrenched in the farm industry. I was raised with a good ol' boy upbringing but was blessed with the opportunity to attend a top-tier MBA program in Europe, where I graduated top 20% of my class. I also hold various certifications in accounting management, financial modeling, strategy, etc.

During my youth, I spent time harvesting walnuts to earn spending money, and since I was 16, I have never been without at least 1-2 jobs at any time. I did this to pay for and pursue education to transform my life. And while obtaining my business and finance degrees, I worked in supply chain/operations management roles, overseeing the logistics and processing of food products.

Now I blend my experience of getting my hands dirty with my passion for financial excellence in business to provide holistic financial management solutions to hands-on business owners seeking to genuinely help and serve their customers and employees.



Get Strategic Financial Insights from Someone Who’s Been in the Trenches of Starting a Business

Brady CFO offers a global perspective of business outside of just the accounting function bringing real-world insights, value-driven advice, and the heart of a good ol' boy like you dedicated to seeing America’s backbone businesses thrive.

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